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Why use a dance studio for a day?

Dance studios are perfect because they come without any obstacles. You can roll out yoga mats or cushions, then sit down in a circle or turn on music and dance all around the room. 

Another reason to use a dance studio for a day is for a photo or video shoot. If you’re planning to take portraits of a dancer, yoga instructor, personal trainer, or athlete, then it makes sense to set up a shoot in the environment where they’re most comfortable. Our studio has plenty of natural light that makes it easy to get great photos without any extra lighting gear.

Our studio is also great for musical performances, including open mics or drum circles, and comes with a  sound system setup that you can plug a playlist into.

You can also use our studio for a team-building outing, such as an improv workshop, due to the freedom of movement available to your group in such a large space. Our  studios also has a projector and screen for video or presentation.

Lastly, our studio make an ideal venue for a birthday party or another social function. We can accommodate large groups without the extensive setup required at other venues.


To recap, here are just a few of the activities you can host at a dance studio:

  • Yoga class

  • Dance class

  • Meditation class

  • Musical performance

  • Photo or video shoot

  • Improv workshop

  • And more!

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